Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wedding Budgets

Let's face it - the current state of the economy is putting a strain on many wedding budgets. Check out this great website where you can look at average wedding costs in your area. It also has a handy budget estimator tool:

Weddings are expensive, and people are being forced to make choices and sacrifices. Couples need to be more creative than ever in order to have the wedding of their dreams. Celebrity event designer Colin Cowie offers the following 7 Tips for the Budget-Savvy Bride who seeks smart solutions for planning an extraordinary wedding:

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1. Dream big: Small ideas get small results, so put budget aside while envisioning your dream wedding, then figure out what you can afford.

2. Cut your coat according to the cloth: It's better to do 5 things correctly than 10 things on the skinny.

3. Consider a destination wedding: Weddings can take place anywhere, so think beyond the exotic beach and think about a bed-and-breakfast or country inn. *Being near the Finger Lakes, there are a lot of beautiful small inns and B&B's that can make you feel a world away from home.

4. Opt for a fantastic DJ: Instead of a big orchestra or band, find a great DJ who can create great background music and just as easily keep the guests moving on the dance floor. *Stay tuned for our Vendor Spotlights, where we will be showcasing local vendors. Next week we are featuring one of our favorite local DJ's!

5. Invest in a trusted wedding planner: A professional is there to ease some of the pressure while bringing your vision to a reality. *Plus, we will help you with even more budget saving tips, vendor recommendations within your budget, and creative ideas!

6. Design a signature drink: Rather than serving an open bar, offer guests a specialty beverage that is as delicious as it is memorable. *I love signature drinks! You can give them clever names, and it gives your guests an opportunity to try something they may not usually order. They are also pretty and make for great photographs!

7. Create monochromatic flower arrangements using one type of flower: When bundled en masse in short ceramic vases, whether roses or carnations, tulips or spider mums; these flowers are beautiful and impactful.

Let's not forget the reason for this celebration and remember what matters most at the end of the will be spending the rest of your life with the person you love! Make smart decisions, and you will be able to start this new chapter of your lives on the right foot.

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