Friday, January 15, 2010

Spotlight Buffalo: The Ellicott Square Building

The Ellicott Square building built in 1896 is a really unique place to host your Buffalo event. The lobby can be rented out, and you are able to choose any vendors you would like to bring in. With its two grand staircases, marble mosaic floor and glass ceiling, it is an impressive space. It does take a little more work to hold an event in a non-traditional venue, but this allows it to be customized and more uniquely yours!

Here are some photos of a recent wedding I did at the building. These photos were taken by Expressions Studio.

We lined the entire balcony with about 150 votive candles. It looked amazing once it became darker. What a photo!


  1. how do you rent this building??? I can't find anything online?? Is it seperate catering?? do they have tables? any more details??

  2. You can call the building at 854-0060 and ask for the person who handles rentals. They allow you to bring in your own caterer, and you do have to rent and bring in everything (tables, chairs, etc..)

  3. I heard that it might not have heat/air--is that true? Wondering if it's a good venue for a middle of Sept. wedding???

    Thanks, Diane

  4. It does not have heat or air, but likely would be ok in mid-September depending upon the weather! You could always rent these items closer to the wedding date if need be.

  5. Did anyone have their wedding here? How was the noise level?