Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Confetti: The Importance of Shopping Around

I am decorating an upcoming wedding for one of my brides, and I was searching for julep cups to hang from the pews at her wedding ceremony. These small julep cups with detachable pew clips are perfect. We can get double use out of them by attaching them to the pews at the church, and then taking the clips off and using them as part of the tablescape at the reception.

I found these online through a popular wedding favor site for $5.42 each. I thought this was a bit expensive, so I did some more searching on google for a better price. Flowers & Supplies offers the exact same product for $2.39 each! The florist told me he wasn't even able to find them for this price.

Lesson learned - don't always go with the first place you find online when searching for wedding items. Many retailers increase the price the minute they hear the word "wedding." Be a smart shopper and you can have the same beautiful wedding for a fraction of the cost!

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