Friday, April 17, 2009

Confetti: Wedding Timeline Tips

If you are getting married this summer, chances are you are beginning to think about the timeline for your wedding day. A timeline is a great tool that helps keep everyone in the loop, from your wedding party to your vendors. It also forces you to plan things out in advance - instead of just flying by the seat of your pants on your wedding day. With a written schedule of events, everyone knows their place and you can relax knowing that you have laid the groundwork for the day to run smoothly. You shouldn't have to think about the timeline on your actual wedding day...leave that to your consultant!

One of the tasks of a wedding consultant is to assist you with your timeline and help you think of things in advance that may present problems. Here are some things to consider...

*The wedding ceremony begins at 2:00 - the limo is picking the bride up at 1:00, and she will arrive at the church at 1:30. Where will she go for a half hour? Does the church have a room for her to wait in? Many churches do not have areas for the bride wait, so she may want to consider arriving later. Plan ahead, and ask the church in advance what their policies are.

*Cake Cutting - If you are serving wedding cake for dessert, the venue may require you to cut your cake before dinner. A traditional timeline puts the cake cutting after dinner. Make sure to check with your venue regarding their policies so that you aren't taken by surprise.

*Photographs - Make sure to speak with your photographer in advance to plan the timing of photographs. Many photographers are particular about when they prefer to take shots. Make sure that the flowers will be arriving prior to any photographs needed. For instance, if the bride is doing portraits at her home before the wedding, she will want to make sure the flowers are delivered on time for these photos.

These are just a few tips to get you thinking about the way the day will flow. If things don't time out exactly as planned on the wedding day, don't let it get you down. After all - the only time that really matters in the long run is when you say "I Do!"

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